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Resolution Center Bug (Refund and Close)

New Community Member

Resolution Center Bug (Refund and Close)



I've been having a few bugs/slowness happen to me lately on PayPal with the new site redesign, but this one is critical. In my business account, I can't provide a full refund to someone via the Resolution Center.


When the case is opened, I click the gray "Refund and Close" button then provide a message in the box below. Then I click the blue "Refund and Close" button and I'm provided with the summary screen (titled: Review and confirm refund). On the summary screen, I once again click the blue "Send Refund" button.


Expected outcome: I'm sent back to the case with my message appended to the case and a refund is sent.

Actual outcome: I'm sent back to the case without my message appended with no refund sent. The case still only has the buyer's initial message, no error's are provided on why the refund wasn't sent.