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Request for additional information PP-009-548-508-775 RXI000

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I received the following mail from you:


"Subject: We need more details from you

Dear D***r V****a,

Thank you for submitting the requested documentation. We have reviewed the information you provided, but until all requirements are met, we cannot lift the limitation on your account. We would appreciate your help to complete the steps outlined below, so we can review your account further. 

Please copy and paste the following link to your browser and log in to your PayPal account to submit your documents.

Business Info

As a regulated financial institution we're required to collect and verify certain information about you. The business registration document you provided does not specify what type of business you are running.

Please confirm if you are an Individual, Sole Proprietor or a business entity (Partnership, Private Limited, Govt Entity, Public Company, etc.). If you are a business entity, please specify your business type as registered in your business registration documentation.

Please notify PayPal by sending an email listed below and please include the case ID PP-009-548-508-775  in the subject field of the email.

What is a valid proof of business?
Please submit a copy of your Business Registrations (Business registrations, Memorandum/Article of Association, Certificate of Incorporation or equivalent).

This document(s) must collectively contain the following information:

  • Who owns or controls your business,
  • The business name, registration number, and
  • The latest validity period of the business.

Case ID: PP-009-548-508-775
Thank you for your understanding and support.



We'd love to hear from you but please don't reply to this email. If you need to reach us, simply click "Help & Contact" on any PayPal page.
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Consumer advisory - PayPal Pte. Ltd. the holder of PayPal's stored value facility, does not require the approval of the Monetary Authority of Singapore. Users are advised to read the terms and conditions carefully. “


The email address to which I need to send more information is not specified.


It is also not clear to me what other information to send because I have already sent them the following documents:


  1.  Contract for opening and managing transactional account and payment services my company my company has signed with Addiko Bank d.d. in Croatia
  2.  Contract of indefinite employment which I personally signed with DESCOL as legal entity and which shows I am working as the company director.
  3.  Official excerpt from Croatia's Financial Agency (FINA) Real Owners Register which also contains all the company info and confirms my share of 100% in the company ownership.
  4.  Certificate from Croatian Tax Administration that my company is in VAT system. (English and Croatian version available)
  5. Tax ruling which assignes my company with its unique VAT number: HR53108677616
  6.  Varaždin Commercial Court decision on the subject of establishing the my company
  7. Certification from Croatia's Bureau of Statistics
  8. My personal Identity Card which displays my OIB (Personal Identification Number)

Please help me how to solve this problem as PayPal is very important for my business.



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