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Request for a refund.


Request for a refund.

To whom is may concern, My name is Susan <removed>. I bought a bracelet online "Buddha Power Bracelet" The bracelet was put together with rubber bands. I wore it for about 4-5 days and the rubber-band started to burst. I immediately contacted the seller and told them about the problem and said I just want to return it. They responded about 5 days later saying they will replace it. I said in the email, "I did not want a replacement because I did not feel the item will last a long time and it will burst again so I don't want it at all.

I started my communication with them since March and it is now 8-09-20. They keep saying they the product is opened and so I can't return it. I have the two bracelets and I want to send them back and they will not send a shipping label as well. I told them I did not want a replacement. I need someone to help me get my money back please, I feel I deserved better treatment from PayPal, and since I use Paypal for a number of my purchases and in my business to sell.
I have left messages and no one has called me back since I left the last message I believe on Tuesday, 4th.

Please call me back and leave a message if I don't answer, I may not be able to answer all the time.
Susan <removed>
Cel[Removed. Phone #s not permitted]Regards Susan <removed>