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Remove items or content violating PayPal policy form broken


Remove items or content violating PayPal policy form broken



This form has been broken for quite some time and I don't see anyone having a fix unless contacting the support within PayPal itself, and none of the people you get to talk to from there seems to know how to fix it. The replies I get from the support is to complete this form through the site which is impossible since it keeps sending the error out whenever you try to complete it. This is my case: PP-L-258608469048 - my account has been limited over a month to this problem and normally if PayPal just worked it would've been fixed within days. I have tried calling, emailing and messaging every single day. i have fixed everything on my end regarding the so called Policies violating PayPal, so it should really just be a point and click to open my account. It was a website that allowed players to get an advantage in a game server, however the website or anything related to this has been removed since, so there shouldn't be anything violating the terms anymore.