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Remove bank account but my account is limited.

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Remove bank account but my account is limited.

Hi, I had this account just for a project when I was in college, maybe 4-5 years ago. I didn't have any clue about this account being limited. So I added my bank account just recently. And now I need to add my bank account to my new paypal account, but since I have my bank account in this account I can't remove it since its limited. Is there anyway to delete this account? All the information in this account is just made up and I dont have any documente to upload as proof to remove the limitation.

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Re: Remove bank account but my account is limited.



Limited accounts cannot be closed/deleted and any financial instruments cannot be removed from limited accounts. You'll need to at least resolve the limitation on the account first and if you can't do that because you used fake're out of luck because you can't prove the account information is valid. PayPal accounts are a serious financial instrument, using fake or made up info is not advised.

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