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Rejected Claim

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I raised a claim against an item received but not what ordered. Company is not responding to me but PayPal rejected my claim as the company provided tracking confirming the 'item' was delivered. I even made clear on my claim that I had received pocket watches along along photos confirming this and I ordered a cheese board. I picked the item not received option and probably should have clicked the item not as described option but that is no longer available. Is there anything I can do now as I have 2 x identical cheap pocket watches with no idea what to do with them (apart from bin as they are that standard). I just want what I ordered and would have been willing to return but don't get a response from the seller.

Rejected Claim


I will tell you right now that paypal did something like this to me as well I never received any goods from a seller and cause the seller provided tracking information they still ruled against me and let the seller get away with things. Apparently all you can do is to call paypal to get them to change it to " significantly not as described" and hope paypal rules it in your favor when you provide the information again. Lately even in all these community posts paypal hasn't being helping their victims at all.  

Rejected Claim

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You are only allowed 1 dispute per transaction so the only way you can get a second dispute opened is to contact Paypal (when and if you can) and see if they will open a second dispute for you.
They may decline citing policies but if you say what happened then they might open a second dispute for you.

If not then if you funded your paypal payment via a credit card then consider contacting your card issuer and see if they will help you with a chargeback?

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