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Refunded Payment (24th March) Still pending?

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Refunded Payment (24th March) Still pending?

Hi  guys,


I recently purchased a item from Ebay, ebay then took down the item as it was a fraudulent (from a hacked account) so I refunded the Paypal before it went through, it has been sitting in pending for almost a week, even though it sais it was refunded on the 24th of march.


Any help would be appreciated


from Ebay:


'We’re writing to let you know that an unauthorised third party may have accessed the seller’s account to list this item. The item has been removed from the site, and the transaction was cancelled.'

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Re: Refunded Payment (24th March) Still pending?



When a payment is cancelled those funds can't do a u-turn > they have to process through to paypal who will then either return them to your funding source (if you paid with a debit or credit card), or credit your paypal balance (if it was funded from your balance or instant bank transfer), but that takes a few days and sometimes up to a week.

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