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Hello all. I’m looking for some answers here. So I have a pretty good relationship with a vendor I’m dealing with. Long story short I made a purchase. The seller later ended up telling me that they didn’t have what I requested. So I asked for a refund, she ensured me that it will be taken care of, a couple of days later still didn’t receive anything. So I opened a claim against the seller. She later. I contacted me because I guess she was notified about the claim and asked ms to close if because she told me it will take much longer through pay pal. So insisted that she would handle it with her finance department. Now here I am a week later and still nothing. What are the steps I could take to ensure that I get my money back???
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Re: Refund.


If you had to close a case to get a refund then it would be pointless opening one.
NEVER close a dispute / claim until you have a refund.
If the seller issued a refund then that would close the dispute automatically.
If he doesn't escalate to a claim.
Do not close it or he can ignore you and you can't open a second dispute OR re-open a closed one.

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