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This is my problem , i bought an mp3 player , the instructions didn't make sense i sent it back for a refund , payed with paypal , bought through ebay , the seller won't refund , paypal want more info , i've explained to the seller , paypal and ebay what happened , no one is listening ........bought on 9th of oct. Sent back on the 13th oct , because i didn't have a tracking number ,  seller refuses to admit that they recieved the package , ive explained the situation to ebay , paypal and the seller , paypal say they are going to close the transaction in 2 days , i feel the seller has deliberately dragged this transaction on so they don't have to payup , can anyone help ......thanks

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Re: Refund



If you don't receive an item from a seller you get a refund if the seller can't prove trackable proof of delivery.

Same with a return, you have to provide a tracking number that proves delivery of the item to the seller.

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