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Hello guys its been two weeks i paid for an item online and i didn't receive the item, i was literally scammed. I knew from the same day because as soon as I paid, the seller stopped opening my messages. I then waited for a day but still no response. I then opened a case, the seller didn't bother to reply to me. i was so confident thinking paypal would help me. I was extremely wrong. all i received were automatic responses. I dont have the escalate dipute option either. Already two weeks in but paypal hasn't bothered to reach me. I call them , no one picks the phone. i receive no email or whatever . i am overwhelmed what can i do please?

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Re: Refund



Some facts would help.


How did you pay was it goods/services or family/friends?

How did you fund the paypal payment ie which funding source?

Which case did you open?

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