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I have bought a toy at a scammed website. I tried to ask for refund on PayPal. But PayPal resolution centre said they have no refund and cancelled. I thought PayPal has buyer protection and would give refund. Do you know how I could get back the money?
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Re: Refund



Sounds as if you opened a dispute for unauthorised transaction?

If so that was telling paypal that your paypal account had been hacked and used without your consent to make that transaction.

Paypal would check IP addresses and devices, see you did make the transaction and cancel the dispute.


If you wanted a refund you should have asked the seller, if they refused and the item did not arrive then open a dispute for non receipt of item, IF the item did arrive and was tat (probably would be if you bought from a China website?) then you could have opened a dispute for item received but not as described.


Paypal only gives you some buyer protection so you need to read up on it / risk assess your own transactions and open the correct disputes.

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Re: Refund

I can't contact the seller since it is a scammed website. It is a online toy store under different names. So many people online said that they bought items with no shipment. I also can't contact the PayPal. I tried to call and chat , but they are all robot agent in PayPal. And there is no email address to contact in PayPal. The robot agent said The refund is cancelled after 3 weeks because the seller has no funds in their bank, so refund was cancelled. So I got no money back.