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New Community Member


If when speaking to a seller in regards to getting a refund through PayPal when messaging each other will I be protected if I ask for his address and return the item for him to send me my money back, if not how am I able to get my money back from the seller and sending him the item back

Re: Refund

Hi Leilaellis and welcome, 


It sounds like you already have a case opened if you are currently messaging your seller via PayPal. The best option would be to escalate your dispute to a claim. This way we will review the case and request you to return the item. We will provide you with your seller's address also. Once we can confirm that your seller has received their item back we can issue you a full refund. 


Be sure to use online tracking information when returning your item as we will need this to confirm the return of your item. 


I hope this helps and thanks for posting,