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Re: Refund

No I didn’t I used the link he sent me to pay for it.
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Re: Refund



OK then it sounds as if he sent you a link, if it was from a personal account then you would have no paypal buyer protection UNLESS you ticked the goods / services option before you sent the payment.

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Re: Refund

Okay thank you I probably just lost out but I do have proof him willingly to give me my money back.
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Cancel payment

Hello am having a problem with cancelling my payment to a fraudulent seller Alicia <removed> from I have sent serveral email too PayPal but it seems like no one is reading my email instead PayPal keep on charging me and helping Alicia <removed> from to still my money from my bank. My question is what is wrong with you guys are you working for the bank owners or you're helping some criminals to take from our bank for no reason.

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