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Refund via PayPal

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Refund via PayPal

Hi I've needed to create a PayPal account to gain clarity around a refund given to me by a Merchant through PayPal. My original payment was made via my debit card as I didn't have a PayPal account. Unfortunately my debit card expired last month and I now have a new debit card. Ill need clarification if the refund issued by the merchant via PayPal will still go into my bank account, even though my debit card has now changed. It's the same bank account, it's just that the debit card numbers have changed. I have the transaction number to provide to PayPal, unfortunately I am struggling to file a dispute because I don't have transaction history with PayPal. Please help!
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Re: Refund via PayPal



If the card ACCOUNT that both cards belong or belonged to is still open then it should go through fine.

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