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Refund Question


Refund Question

So I bought a item off a Facebook group and when I received it, it ended up being fake. I used goods and services. I contacted the seller and he said he didn’t know and to send it back for a refund. Ever since he has not answered me and he received the item back already. So when I file a claim do I do item not describe? I have tracking that says he received the item back.
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Yes, file Significantly Not As Described dispute, provide return tracking number information in the dispute messaging and escalate claim to PayPal for them to make a decision.

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Re: Refund Question

So I sent a dispute to seller. So now I should escalate claim right away?

Re: Refund Question

Hi @Bvassy24,


Thank you for your post! You would want to escalate to a claim right away if you already sent the item back. If the address in the dispute matches the address to which you sent the item, your tracking will be helpful to win the claim.


I hope this helps!




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