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Refund Dispute Cancellation

New Community Member

Refund Dispute Cancellation

Hi PayPal Community, 


I am reaching out because I cannot have any help of customer service from the PayPal side. (No by phone, no by mail and not message on help center)


In November, I have purchased Adults T-Shirt and Sweatshirt and used PayPal for payment. 


After one month, I got my package with TOTALLY the wrong item (they sent me a children's shirt). 


I contacted them to give me a solution of refund or sending me the items, they asked me refund of 16$ (the purchase was around 61$) 


I understand that the seller is not taking care of their mistake, I have opened a dispute to get a refund, for sure added the original order information, photo of the item I got.


The seller side requested me to send them the item back for a refund.  and PayPal asked me to provide tracking information by 18th January.


I sent the day after the request (2 weeks before the deadline) the package back to the address they mentioned, with a photo of the package, item tracking code, and website (in English) to be able to track the item.


By the beginning of this week, suddenly the dispute closed with this message:

-The case was closed in the seller's favor as the proof of return you provided was invalid.


Now I don't know what to do, because I dont get any response from PayPal team.