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Refund Delay


Refund Delay

Good day all.  On the 23/10/2020 i was searching for an agreement form, i was on were i signup to check their documents. i have a 7 days free trial but they charge me $9.95 for a document i downloaded though it is not suitable to use in my country. On 31/10/2020 i got another charge of $59.95 as automatic payment for subscription, I immediately cancelled the subscription on paypal and filed a dispute for cancelled subscription. Till now i haven't seen positive response from paypal. What should i do to get my refund? 

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Re: Refund Delay



Doubt you will as you should contact the company to refund you not paypal.

All paypal did was pass on the funds to the company you purchased from as per the subscription you had set up in your paypal account.

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