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Receiving payments from abroad


Receiving payments from abroad

Hey guys, 


I'm shishir, just a regular ol' university student studying in Canada but stuck in India(my home country) during COVID( doing online classes). i have taken up a remote writing job at a website and have been paid 12 US dollars for my work, but i 'm not seeing the payment reflected on my paypal. I'll have you know that I have started using paypal after a break of over 6-8 months. Before that I had just downloaded the app on my phone and registered my email address, and never used it before until now. So maybe I've been put on some hold? I contacted customer support, who told me I needed to verify my account with certain info, which I just did. Now, do i have to upgrade my paypal account to a business account just to receive payments from individuals abroad? because Paypal says the below statement in my 'Summary' page:

ghoshof11_0-1626694897511.png    this being said, i'm not some major business or organization, so wouldn't a business account be too far fetched for a college going student like me??? 


i hope ya'll can help. 






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Re: Receiving payments from abroad