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Received Item after Dispute Resolved


Received Item after Dispute Resolved

Ordered an item out of Germany back in March and it spent 3 months sitting at IPZ Frankfurt status.. a known blackhole with DHL shipments...waited a couple weeks for a DHL investigation, raised a dispute and ended up buying the item locally as I wasn't prepared to wait any longer at this stage it was over 3 months.

Sometime while waiting for dispute process to finish the status changed to "Open Status - "Awaiting shipment information", mystery status, it stayed here for a further week. 

This morning, I simultaneously get a refund as dispute found in my favour, and DHL deliver my packaged which arrived in the country a couple days ago (only after investigation was raised 2 weeks ago).

Now I have $265 worth of car audio gear that I don't need. My plan is to list it for what I paid and credit the seller back, but what happens if I cant sell  it ? is it DHL responsibility to credit the seller due to failure of their service ? I want to do the right thing by seller, but also dont want to be left out of pocket by having to make other arrangements. it already cost me $180 more to buy the items locally.

Sending back is not an option as its cost prohibitive (50% the value of the goods).