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Reason for Account Restrictions?

New Community Member

Reason for Account Restrictions?


For some reason, my account has had restrictions placed upon it and I cannot access any money paid into my account by clients.

Paypal will not allow me to transfer money from my account into my linked business bank account.

I have satisfied all criteria that have been requested.  I have had this account for over 7 years with no issues.

I have tried to contact Paypal via the help Centre leaving messages and had no response.

This is such poor service for a major operator in the business sector.

Can anyone shed any light as to why this has happened.

Thank you in advance,




Re: Reason for Account Restrictions?

Same thing happened to me and they think that I've been involved in possible fraudulent or high risk behavior which is not true at all if you look at my statements it clearly shows that money was sent to me and I've sent some to friends ect but no possible fraudulent or high risk behavior at all is on the statements. It's getting ridiculous just reopen my account already so I can get my money remove my bank details and that's all I want to do. I'm still emailing PayPal back and forth in getting fed up so I've contacted the Better Business Bureau so if PayPal wants to play hard ball then fine. I can't even get them on the phone as they keep hanging up on me. Hope you get your issue resolved @WinonaWoman best of luck to you