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Read this before you buy the Allwayshop robot vacuum!

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Read this before you buy the Allwayshop robot vacuum!

I did not do enough research before buying a robot vacuum from Allwayshop. I found one site full of very high reviews, but it turns out it's a Loox app used by Shopify and apparently it can be tweaked, because everywhere else I have seen is just people talking about how they were scammed.

You buy the vacuum, and you get a toy. There were not even vacuum components in mine! But in order to get a refund the seller says the item has to be returned to them WITH tracking information. Without tracking it costs about half the price of the product to ship, but tracking to China almost doubles that. And with a scam artist company like this who knows but they will find a way to say they never received it.

I used to use PayPal a lot, and was trying to get back into them again, but when something like this happens and I see they have been ignoring the paying customer and facilitating a fraudulent company like this for years, I think they are just as bad. It appears that they would rather make a little extra money than take care of us. So I'm searching for a new way to conduct online business.

I hope people see these comments before they get taken like the rest of us here were.

I'm looking for every place I can to post this poor experience with both Allwayshop and PayPal. And thank you to the other poster who suggested reporting to the BBB.


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Re: Read this before you buy the Allwayshop robot vacuum!

** Misleading advertisement ** They sold me a product (Best Seller-v5s pro Robot Vacuum Cleaner) and in the end they sent me a product totally different what I've ordered. The customer service is NOT answering my emails, once I want to solve this problem anyhow. Please don't be deceived!!