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Hi guys. My account has been limited and shut and they are keeping the funds for 180 days. However yesterday I received funds from a buyer which included a large postage fee to which I was going to send the item out tomorrow. This money was put into hold anyways and pending because I have sold less then 10 things. So basically when I had an email to say my account is being closed I realised I can't afford to pay out my pocket for postage then not receive the PayPal for 180 days. So I thought would be best to refund the buyer. However this option was not available because it says the account is limited. So I rang PayPal and they said the buyer will have to raise a dispute. So the buyer has done this and I have gone to the response page and its still says I can't refund because of my account status. However I have received an email saying, thanks for your response, yet on the response page it still says awaiting my response. I don't have a clue what to do, which is true about the response and the poor woman wants the money back if she jot going to get a product I can't afford to send. PLEASE HELP
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If they opened a dispute for non receipt of item (the correct option) the once escalated to a claim if paypal don't receive a tracking number from you then the buyer should get their refund.

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