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RE: Shenzhen xihaiqingyue, rip offs


RE: Shenzhen xihaiqingyue, rip offs

I ordered a wood splitter for this company back in June, I never recieved it!! I checked tracking and a blank page came up with no tracking details. I opened a dispute with Paypal and after a long period was sent information (with Paypal's consent) that I had to open a case with 

  • Report filed with a law enforcement agency or government organisation. Examples of such agencies are - Internet Crime Complaint Centre , state agencies, state police or a federal law enforcement agency such as the FBI, or Postal Inspection Service

I had to act before a certain date which had passed before I received this information or the case would be closed. I believe this is standard practice for this company but for the sum of 30USD most people wouldn't bother, I'm just prepared to lose my money. Be warned this company is fraudulent & dishonest.