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Hey good morning, This limitation on hold type stuff started November 22,2020 and now it's January 22,2021 Have y'all at least tried to get some money out or try to spend and it work? If yeah can you tell me how and what did you do? Because there is no waiting until 180 days just to spend money and get caught up in something you didn't know that will do something in your account.
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If you have been told your Paypal account has been permanently limited then Paypal tends to hold any funds for 180 days. This is the same time frame that buyers have to open Paypal disputes.

If no disputes are opened in 180 days then normally you are allowed to withdraw the funds. That is as long as you are over 18, the account is in your legal name and registered in the country where you reside.

Sometimes they confiscate funds under this policy.

Paypal also may request further documentation from you before you can withdraw those funds.

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