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Purchase from a scam company

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I made a purchase using Paypal. It was a scam company. I disputed and Paypal contacted the seller and they gave Paypal a delivery confirmation. The problem is that the scam company only gave them a delivery confirmation to my home town and the scam company confirmed my name and delivery address. I called UPS and they gave me the real delivery confirmation that shows this package was from Amazon and to a different person at a different address in my town. Paypal closed the dispute saying that the seller gave delivery confirmation so they settled the dispute in the sellers favor. I keep trying to open new disputes but it won't work. I tried calling Paypal to tell them I have proof from UPS that they were scammed, but I have been on hold for 3 hours. Obviously they aren't answering. I sent the real UPS delivery confirmation to Paypal in a dispute, but obviously they didn't even look at it. This issue is closed as far as they are concerned? Any suggestions?

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