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Problems with Paypal and Summaring.


Problems with Paypal and Summaring.

Hello everyone! I have a problem thats comes on days. My account has been limited cause I could not verified him yet, I take them down for a month. And for my surprise, I get a message 7-th of february. The message thats find out was: 

"Your paiment is waiting. Before we can deposit the money into your account, we need a bit more information about your account or recent transactions. Please provide the missing info by 9 March 2021. "

And I get verified on 8th of february, PAYPAL comfirm my verification yesterday:

We reviewed the information you provided for Reference ID and have removed the limitation placed. You’ll now be able to access any feature that was limited before.

But here is a problem, How I can Find out my found now? How can I get money on my balance? I tried to find this information on my account, on help but nothing. And now I only have this main question. (ALL my contact and info are correct)

IF someone have the simiar problem, link out, nor, give me an advice about it. Thanks for attention.