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Problems verifying my identity.


Problems verifying my identity.

Hello there. My problem is that paypal is asking me to provide documents to prove my identity. I have had my account since 2011. I am an American, but I have been (and still live) in the Philippines since 2008. I wanted to provide my passport as proof of my identity. The problem is that is is telling me I must show a passport that is from outside the US. My nationality is set to Filipino (Philippines) as that is where I live now permanently. Can I send my passport? 

I am unable to send utility bills to verify as my name is not on them, everything is under my girlfriend's name, as she is the one that purchased the house and lot. I tried the message center but my problem is not listed under the sub topics. All I got was a computer generated response. I'd rather not make a super expensive long distance call unless absolutely necessary. 

What should I do to remedy this issue?  Thanks in advance for your time.