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Pro Level China Scammer with fake tracking number

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I bought a tool off what turned out to be a fake website of a Chinese scammer.   Instead of sending the tool they sent me an single $.05 mask in an epacket.  Within 10 seconds of ordering I figured out it was a scam as the Paypal receipt had had some made up email.   I filed claim as a 'not authorized' then we converted it to item not received (before I knew they sent the epacket).  Not Paypal as it as item not as described.    They want me to send this $.05 mask back to china but to do that with tracking would be very expensive and of course I would expect since this was a scam they are not going to refund me anyway.    I can get Paypal on phone because of conona and my dispute is looking for a tracking number for refund.  Any advice on how to proceed? 

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