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Preventing Fraud - Buyer Protection

New Community Member

Preventing Fraud - Buyer Protection

I used my PayPal account to make a purchase from a merchant that I subsequently discovered is a scam operation. A Google search of this merchant reveals that many people have been scammed as well. The merchant seems to be based in China but has a sleek sales website with a PayPal link for purchases. I should have done my research better before I made the bad.

I reached out to PayPal customer support by opening a case and was advised that I can't be assisted because "the purchase was not authorized" and my ticket was promptly closed by PayPal. This makes no sense so I escalated the complaint at PayPal. I received a cryptic reply back two hours later advising that my query was to be escalated but it provided me steps on how to do that on their website.


My main question is....if customers are advising PayPal of merchant scam operations why does PayPal allow such merchants (with a proven track record of scams and fraud) to continue to operate the platform?