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Possible Scam?


Possible Scam?

yo I hope I'm putting this in the right forum-

I checked my bank a few minutes ago and as of last night (around 3/4am), someone tried sending $1,000 from my bank into my paypal account. My bank is now reading -450ish dollars and I'm freaking a little. My bank is already closed for the evening and I will deff contact them in the morning. 


I logged onto paypal on my pc and found that it was all in Spanish ? And there was a weird number added that I removed. I haven't been able to change my password yet, though.

I tried making a case against the transaction, but paypal said that since I'm receiving money I can only contact the person who sent it (which is my bank so I guess my best bet is with them tomorrow...) 

Calling the paypal support number also received no results, and the automated voice claimed you CAN cancel it up to 3 hours of the transaction being sent...and that small window closed hours ago. 


Does anyone have any advice, or how I can contact paypal and get results? And prevent this from happening in the future? (Although I'm probably going to close my paypal after this lol)


Thank you so much!