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Poor service from resolution centre


Poor service from resolution centre

Hello, I've been waiting for about 3 weeks now for a case to be resolved and it just keeps saying we are reviewing the case and the estimated case resolution date just keeps being moved forward, its quite a simple case of a fraudulent seller not sending something and not producing any proof of sending it, its about a month overdue.

It turns out the seller is well known for scamming clients


Not impressed at all


what do you need to do to actually get a refund?

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Re: Poor service from resolution centre

for a month now trying to get my money back for the sold items on eBay more then 2 month ago now, Pay Pal has VERY BAD communication service , Ebay contacted me 3 times via phone already about this issue. Isn't multiple messages to PayPal  they still reviewing for a month now. 

my next step will be:   to file small clame..