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Please review the dispute case.


Please review the dispute case.

I am sending you an email because the claim was rejected. said it was delivered, but there's some information you don't know.


To sum up the situation,

1) I asked to change the address, and they contacted FedEx.

Pre-change address: 2fasts 2mXXXXXX<removed> WILMINGTON, DE 19801 US

Post-change address:<removed> WILMINGTON, DE 19801 US

The pre-change address is registered in PayPal. But I adjusted the location of address1 and address2 according to the entry method on


2) The package was wrongly delivered to the person who signed "FKI".

I searched for FKI Delaware on Google, and it was an industrial company that used the same zip code (19801) but had a different road name.


3) contacted Fedex, but did not give the correct result.

<I will contact FedEx on your behalf so that they can start an investment to try and locate your package.>

They wrote in the mail, but the answer that came back two weeks later was, "The buyer has to find it."


4) responded by calling Fedex.

Fedex told me that the address requested by was wrong. 

But they said they couldn't give me the legally entered address. Also, the seller has to make a claim to FedEx to find the wrong delivery.


5) I asked for a claim to FedEx, but they can't help me.

It's because the package has been delivered. 

And then he refuses to respond to all the time. They say they can't help me when I call them, and if I send them an email, they read it and don't reply.


Once again, I didn't receive the package. The signature FKI is on FedEx, and Fedex also requested a wrong address from


I'm very upset that this case was rejected. Please check the address requested to Fedex, or review it again so that you can file a claim.


I'm desperately hoping to find the wrong delivery.

Please, PayPal.


Juha <removed>


Re: Please review the dispute case.



You need to contact PP customer service ("contact us", then "message center") start a chat session and get to live agent and upload the information you posted here.