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Please help me

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Please help me

Hi everyone, I am new to paypal and I recently bought 2 items from a seller on Depop, he was trusted (had 5 star reviews) so I wasn't worried. I paid 100 pounds on 1st October and he advised me to pay using family and friends as I won't pay taxes, I asked him to pay through the app (depop) and he kept on saying that he can only do family and friends on paypal. I said ok in the end, I bought the item as I said 1st october and few days later he blocked me on the app and I am not able to contact him. The app Depop doesn't cover the payment as I paid using family and friend paypal and I don't know what to do. My friends say I cannot open a dispute on family and friends I can't do anything. If there is anything I can do to get my money back please someone help me I beg. Thank you
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Re: Please help me



Unfortunately, your friends are correct. There are no refunds or buyer protection with friends and family payments as it is considered a "gift" payment therefore no incentive for the seller to stick around and fulfill your order. You do not "pay less taxes" with friends and family payments. More like "paying for nothing" when its in exchange for goods and services. Never pay as friends and family payment to a stranger for goods...Never. You negate your buyer protection rights. Try filing a chargeback through your financial institution, if you paid with credit card, but beware they may also potentially deny your claim as well since it was a gift payment.

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