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Please Help

Please Help


  I am getting desperate here... A month ago for my birthday I purchased a video game on eBay. Everything seemed fine and I paid right away. The guy later wanted to ship it when he got his paycheck after the weekend and I said that was fine. But then he told me that he didn't actually have the game to ship it and had already sold it. I thought, ok this guy is new and it's an honest mistake. He offered to give me another copy that he apparently had been bidding on as well on eBay. I thanked him but I politely asked for a refund instead. He said he would send me this copy for free with the refund. I didn't really care, I just wanted my money back. I hadn't heard from him in a day or so and then when I messaged him again asking for the refund, he suddenly had the copy that he just bought on eBay (not the one I purchased) and said he shipped it. Meanwhile he was also 'processing' my refund.

  It later came back from PayPal that this ebayer did not have the funds and the refund was denied by his bank. I asked what was going on, and he attempted to try again. Not long after, he cancels the refund. I received this copy that he supposedly gave to me for free and it was not Like New like the one I ordered, it was horribly scratched. Angry but somehow still patient, I asked him again what was going on. He said he tried to send a refund again and in eBay it said it was processing. He went quiet and I decided to finally open a case.

  Now here's​ my biggest problem: It later informed me that eBay could NOT cancel the order because it did NOT go through PayPal. And in PayPal, it tells me that I received the credit/refund and therefore closed the case and decided in his favor. But yet even in PayPal it shows that the refund was cancelled. I am desperately trying to solve this and get my refund back. It may only be a small amount of money but it was my birthday gift and the concept that I was horribly scammed. Can anyone offer any assistance?

Thank you so much!



Edit: I'm so sorry I didn't mean to double post this under PayPal Basics. I was trying to post to the Disputes category. I'm also new to this board. I'm using a phone currently and it must have refreshed... Sincerest apologies​. I'm just trying to get the most accurate help...

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