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Peter Co., geneticaly

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Re: Peter Co., geneticaly

Well... I recieved the flat iron. It looks NOTHING like the one advertised and it doesn't heat up. They offered me a 75 percent refund that I have not seen yet. And gave me some sob story about how they have a family to take care of. We ALL got ripped off on a serious piece of JUNK. Oh! And they TOLD me to give them a 5 star rating. Yeah.. no. If anyone could tell me how to get a refund on this, please let me know. I'm so mad.
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Re: Peter Co., geneticaly



If you read my post a few above yours you will see how to get a refund.

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Re: Peter Co., geneticaly

After over 2 months of haggling with this company, I finally received a refund of $24.  The price I paid was $26.98, but since they did send me a crimper instead of a flat iron, I "ate" the extra money in order to get the refund.