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Permanently limited/banned .. why??

New Community Member

Permanently limited/banned .. why??

I've been using Pay Pal for many years now, mainly for online subscriptions to things like Netflix, using one touch for ordering from hardware store (firewood and that sort of stuff) and occasional renewals for things like anti virus software etc.

Then, out of the blue, Ii log in and am advised that my account is permanently limited, that's it. end of story.

No reason given, no chance for an appeal, this is absolutely ridiculous.  A big tech company has decided to Ban me for life because I was not complying with their agreement (according to the message that appears with a red ! above it).

Surely, there must be a way to have them explain to me exactly what it was that they didn't like!??


Now, I have a household where all of our digital content subscriptions are lapsed, and I feel like I've been marked, but with no idea as to why.


Any suggestions?


Signed, confused...