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Permanently limited account over nothing.


Permanently limited account over nothing.

Hello, my account was limited permanently over some very stupid reasons. I had come into some hard times and sold a couple of things on depop to get a little extra money, I had 2 sales that the items were already shipped out and on their way to their destinations and had received a third one that was just paid for but not shipped out yet. PayPal sent me an email reminding me to accept my funds into my account and that I needed to verify my bank account, so I did this and was flagged for suspicious activity because of the sales and receiving money to my paypal, ok no big deal. In order to receive my funds I needed to input tracking numbers to the first 2 shipped orders, so I was in process of doing that and one of the names of the shipped orders was similar to the person who had paid for the order that wasn't shipped. I got mixed up and put in a tracking number on that order and PayPal picked up on this and told me I needed to resolve things on my account or it would be limited further. They asked for receipts from my supplier which i could not provide because I'm not going through a supplier at all and didn't keep receipts for anything as I didn't intend to turn around and sell immediately, my ID, and proof of transaction for the most recent sale and one other thing (I forget right now). Since I didn't have a couple of the things they requested (supplier and the last thing) they permanently limited my account because I was deemed high risk. Which is wrong as I am not scamming and was going to fulfill all orders, but couldn't ship the item yet till Saturday (it was Thursday at that time). Is there any way to dispute this or appeal? I called and they basically told me nothing can be done about this. I have funds sitting on hold from the first 2 sales and money in my paypal balance and the items have long since been delivered. Any help is appreciated. Thank you
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Re: Permanently limited account over nothing.



You need to contact customer services to resolve any limitation OR account specific issues.
Click help / contact bottom left of Paypal pages for options available for your country.

Or have you considered contacting Customer Service via Facebook or Twitter?
You can send them a personal message from their facebook or twitter pages.
It's: and @AskPayPal for Twitter.

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