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Permanent Limitation of an account TV

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Permanent Limitation of an account TV

So PayPal today emailed me claiming they've permanently limited my account as they found risk associated with it. I don't know what they mean by risks...i mean,i just received $2 & $1 from a friend and now PayPal are on my neck...who would operate anything illegal with $1. I'm not happy with PayPal, it's my **bleep**ing money,,, I don't care whether it's little. Why would they lock my account with everything in it,,what for?
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Re: Permanent Limitation of an account TV



If you are sure the email was not spoof (if it was don't use any link in it) and you really are limited then sadly nothing you can do about it.

Paypal do not limit accounts for 0 reason, what would be the point? They want us to open and use paypal accounts as that is how they make their money.

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