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Pending payment issues


Pending payment issues


I recently bought an item of clothing from Depop and the 7 day waiting period for disputes has passed, and the seller has still not sent the item. They claim the payment is still pending so cannot issue a refund yet but I checked on the virtual agent and it says the payment has been processed successfully. Is it likely that I would just have to wait a bit longer for them to recieve the money to be able to get a refund? 


Re: Pending payment issues

Hello, i am sort of having the same issues, I’m having to resort to PayPal community to be able to get some answers. I am quite a new seller (started one month ago) and I’ve been selling quite a lot and making some money, PayPal has decided to make all my payments pending and I have asked some customers to please confirm the purchase after them receiving it but I was left ignored, I want to know if there’s any way of getting my money back quicker and a way to get rid of the hold

Re: Pending payment issues

Hi @cjh0,


Welcome to the Community and thank you for your post!


Sorry to hear you are experiencing issues with a refund. If the payment has been completed, the seller should be able to send you a refund. In general, a refund can be pending for 2 reasons, either your bank account funded your original payment, in this case, the refund will go through once PayPal will receive the money (usually up to 10 business days); or the seller issues a reimbursement through an eCheque. eCheques differ from Instant Bank Transfers, as they are not instant payments. With eCheques refunds, the transaction status will remain pending until the recipient receives the money. 


Hope this helps,