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Pears and Peaches

New Community Member

Pears and Peaches

looks like a scam I ordered eventually got a tracking numersaidit had been delivered but it had not they do not reply to their emails so escaalted it to paypal and hope I get refunded. Dont even bother to order from them


Re: Pears and Peaches

No they are a scam who have game'd PayPal to rip off customers. Their scam works like this:


1. You order something and pay with paypal

2. They don't send the item or respond

3. You then open a dispute at PayPal where upon they immediately ship your item

4. They inform PayPal your item has shipped, paypal close the case 

5. Your item arrives and is cheap, imitation, copy junk

6. Because you've opened a case against the company PayPal won't let you open another so you are stuck with it


In this way they scam you and there's nothing you can do with it. It's outright fraud perpetrated using PayPal's systems.