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Paypal will not refund unauthorized charges - why?

New Community Member

Paypal will not refund unauthorized charges - why?

I had two large unauthorized charges on my account - totaling $6700.  I received an alert on my phone asking if I authorized the charges and I responded with Option 2 (for NO).  Well apparently, Paypal went ahead and allowed the transactions to go through anyway.  I filed a dispute and the case was closed w/ the following message:

***Thank you for reporting this case. After reviewing your case, we found that the reported transactions were not unauthorized and hence couldn't be covered under PayPal Purchase Protection. We've noted the account changes you reported with this case.***


My account is now negative this amount and I'm being asked to add funds to cover the negative balance.  I have been going back and forth since then trying to speak w/ someone. Yesterday I was transferred 2x after waiting for over 1hr and still didn't get anyone. I had to leave my number to get a call back. Finally, someone called me only to agree that I should not be responsible for those charges, but could not do anything and needed to speak to a Supervisor and will call me back. Of course I never get a call back and I call again today and was on hold for over 1hr and I had to finally disconnect. 


What do I do at this point?  Should I cancel my accounts?  We use them for our business as well.