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Paypal will not allow me to confirm my credit card or phone number, or resolve disputes.


Paypal will not allow me to confirm my credit card or phone number, or resolve disputes.

My Paypal account is currently restricted due to disputes I'd like to resolve.

I have completed 2 of the 3 tasks: I have changed my password and sent photo proof of my national ID. However, I am not able to complete the 3rd step: confirming a credit or debit card.

I currently have 3 credit cards on my account, 2 of which no longer exist, and 1 of which I still use. When I choose to confirm a card, the only two options that show up are that of the 2 credit cards that no longer work. I cannot select my working credit card, which IS currently in my account. Going into my Wallet (instead of Disputes) and clicking on the card, there is no option to confirm it either, only to update. Due to the restrictions on my account, I cannot remove any of the credit cards.

I am also unable to contact Paypal via email, because I do not have the option to receive a security check SMS on my mobile phone number. Instead, Paypal gives me the option to receive the code on my HOME phone number, which not only do I no longer have (and do not have the option to remove) but also obviously cannot receive SMSs, as it is not a mobile phone.

My last option (other than this post) would be to contact Paypal via phone, but as I am not in Brazil at the moment (and due to COVID cannot return yet), where my account is from, I'm not sure what number to call. I don't know if the Netherlands office would be able to help with problems of a Brazillian account, and I would rather not call overseas or international number with charges I can't even predict.


Thank you for reading this. The amount of loopholes Paypal is putting me in is staggering, and I really do not understand why. I just want to resolve the disputes in my account.