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Paypal wants my full ssn


Paypal wants my full ssn

I wanted to use the balance in my account which is 40 dollars. Paypal told me to apply for their debit card paypal cash and tried working around it as you need to put in ssn. I finally agreed as there is no other way to use that balance. After, I put in the thing it is asking for more stuff to provide documents. Is my ssn not enough? Also, A new notification has popped up saying There’s a problem with your account. Be sure to resolve it to restore full account access. when i click resolve now, it just refreshes the page. Is something supposed to happen? Thank you in advance. 


Re: Paypal wants my full ssn

Hi Fazal-Quadri,


Welcome to the community forum. 


When you apply for a PayPal product such as the debit card we need to collect documents from you to confirm that the information on your account is accurate. This is a normal banking process and is nothing to worry about. We ask for documents to confirm your name and address as they appear on PayPal and request that you verify your account. You will find the steps you need to complete in the Resolution Centre. I understand that you were encountering an error when doing this. I encourage you to clear cache and cookies before trying again.