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Paypal sided by scammers MyAssignmentHelp


Paypal sided by scammers MyAssignmentHelp

I filed dispute around 19th april against Myassignmenthelp because they literally copied pasted my whole document and sent it to me, I sent screenshot proof to paypal and also said in my request that if they need more proof how this site is running scam i can send it to you, escalated my complaint because I thought there are bunch of sensible and smart people in the most reputed third party site but nope, i am seriously disappointed in PayPal and not going to trust or use this site again because when this type of scam happened to me and i registered the scam, PayPal sided with the people who have literally done this to hundreds and hundreds of people, advertising fake PhD tutors on their site where their English is not elementary level. I trusted myassignmenthelp because it was registered with paypal and mostly I shouldn't have trusted paypal who are supporting scammer sellers. Is there anyone in paypal team who can look into my matter and give me justice. I am just a student who hired the service and i all i got was wrong assignment and everything copied pasted, i dont know who can help me but i just want to help others by posting this, that don't trust PayPal.. this third party site is in support of scammers.


Dispute Case ID: PP-D-109949909 

Dispute Case ID: PP-D-109950077 

Dispute Case ID: PP-D-109950725 

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Re: Paypal sided by scammers MyAssignmentHelp



Maybe do your own assignments then?

Sadly you paid for a service and received that service, paypal does not get involved with quality of items.

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