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Paypal settle claim wrongly

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Paypal settle claim wrongly

I ordered a table for doing puzzles on, with folding legs and a top that kept the puzzle in place for storage. So obviously to big to fit through letterbox. What was delivered through the letter box was atube of material with a drawstring top? I contacter seller twice with no luck before asking paypal for my money back and telling them what had been delivered. They contacted seller who said it was delivered and as they gave a tracking number, paypal settled it that basically that I had lied and it had been delivered. So I lost all my money, from a company that is supposed to protect our payments on line!!!!!!!. Has anyone else had this problem?
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Re: Paypal settle claim wrongly



So why did you open a dispute for non receipt of item which you would lose if the seller could provide tracking and not item received but not as described ie wrong item???

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