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Paypal seller protection for web design and development business


Paypal seller protection for web design and development business

Hi paypal support I am offering web design and development/SEO services at  my websites and selling my service using paypal as payment method on my website 

Now I have refund policy page on my website which clearly stats that there is no refund available 3 days after signup a project

Refund policy at our website


Now it also says paypal invoices are only sent upon successful completion and upon approval of customer/buyer 

Now a buyer of mine opened a dispute about  for 4 project which were done for him 

1. 174 Days ago

2. 100 days ago

3. 90 days ago

4. 30 days ago respectively 

I have submitted all screen shoots and proof of document describing that I never stopped communicating with buyer and payment was always made after complete work .

On the other hand buyer providing a flase complain that I did not communicate so my question is as on paypal seller protection page it say 

Whapaypal Seller Protection cover?

  • Tangible goods (clothes, toys, electronics, car parts etc.)
  • NEW! Services (yoga classes, website design etc.)
  • NEW! Tickets (concerts, shows, sport events etc.)
  • NEW! Travel (trip reservations, flight or hotel booking etc.)
  • web development and seo is in same cateogry
    Specially when he is saying in dispute claim which eh filed after 174 days of service delivery that I stopped communicating with him how come can he say that when he kept paying my done work invoice months after work was completed .?so how come a customer can file a dispute against such claims even though I got one dispute in my favour he opened a claim again he just want to force me working for him on future project doing that what does paypal community gurus suggest in this case?