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Paypal resolution center closed at seller favor


Paypal resolution center closed at seller favor


 I just  had a notification from PayPal that close a dispute that I have open to have bought an item and was shipped not as described.

I bough I soccer ball that seller told be was perfect and hold the air

 When I received the ball I could not pump it because the bladder was punched or bad

 The Seller accused me to have destroyed his ball and return it for re-fund

 Seller did not want to believe me and escalate the dispute with Paypal.

However Paypal took a step and waiting more information from the seller and after a week close the case at seller favor.

 Paypal  in the whole process of investigation did not contact me for more information, 

I was astonished about how Paypal protect the seller and not the buyer.

It is simple not fair that I lost big money and with a bad item.

I have no an option either of appeal .

I am frustrated  

 Any help or suggestion would be greatly appreciate.