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Paypal refused to protect me against purchase fraud


Paypal refused to protect me against purchase fraud

Dear community,


I fell victim to fraud from a purchase i did from .I ordered two chairs and he shipped to me a piece of fabric 30cmx30cm. I claimed refund through paypal procedure. I made a short description and i upload photos of what i ordered and what i received. This guy (Tolerancen, zhangiongr59) suggested parcial refund which i refused. 

I received a message from Paypal that my case was closed against me because i didn't submit additional info. I contatced support and explain that i didn't received any message, (i have a print screen from message panel). It is very obvious the fraud from the photos, but Paypal seems didn't look at them. 


Now Paypal refused to open case.  Are we really protected by Paypal???  


Does anyone else has similar issue? What is next legal action needed here? 


Thank you in advance