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Paypal randomly taking money from wrong account


Paypal randomly taking money from wrong account



I have recently attached a bank account to my paypal account. IT IS NOT set as my default payment option - it is only there so i can transfer money into it as it never has any funds in it for safety.


Paypal has started to randomly take payments out of this account instead of from my preferred method of credit card. A recent glaring example - Netflix - we have had this setup for 3 years now - this month the payment came out of our bank account (and hence overdrew it), whereas every other month it has come from my credit cards.


I have had 3 other examples of this in the last 6 weeks - some pre-authorised payments, others online shopping where i have been extremely careful to ensure i have the correct option selected.


Does anyone know why this is happening and how to stop it - short of removing the bank account from paypal ?




Re: Paypal randomly taking money from wrong account

Hi @craigcurtin,


Thank you for your post and welcome back to the Community Forum!


In general, our system reviews every payment before it's completed and sometimes, for security reasons, a payment method may be made unavailable. Unfortunately, we would not be able to manually change the security settings, but you can try clearing your cache and cookies, deleting your browser history and waiting for 48 hours without accessing your account to let the system reset. This may help you solve the issue!


I hope this helps!