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Paypal messing me about?

Paypal messing me about?

Hi, I got sold a stolen macbook pro from ebay. It wasn't under priced or anything and from this seller [Removed]. I got locked out after having it for 5 days. Found the owner, contacted the police, handed it over to the police, got a police report for $45, sent it to paypal. I did everything right. Paypal just sent an email stating they sided with the seller. This is due to the fact that they gave me three days to hand in the police report... on a weekend. Well the investigation was not over. I have since gotten the police report, got paypal to reopen the case and sent in the police report immediately. They have denied me and sided with the person who sold me a stolen item. - it hasn't even been 30days since I received the item.


What's going on? Am I getting **bleep** over because macliquidator is a long time seller?


I'm out 1,349.00 CAD, and a lot of time... This seems insane to me.

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Re: Paypal messing me about?



Sorry this happened to you but, mannnn, wild horse would never drag me to buy anything Apple off eBay, other than from super trusted, major well-known names. Like if the off chance Best Buy themselves started selling on eBay. Apple (online or store), Mac Mall, B&H Photo, Amazon (if they are the ones selling it and shipped by them).


If you paid with your credit card, file chargeback. Or, take them to small claims court if that fails.

Kudos & problem resolved are greatly appreciated. Smiley Happy

Re: Paypal messing me about?

It came out of my debit account. I'll go through small claims if I have to. If you look at the seller's account, it's really highly rated. I checked for the things that everyone recommended. Highly rated with many sales, long term account holder with own depot...

Another thing that i'm upset about is that the police didn't even contact the person who sold it to me. Just returned it to the owner and assumed the  seller didn't know it was stolen and closed the investigation. Though I suppose I understand that they may have other things to deal with and events like this aren't worth their time.


Thanks for the reply.